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ABBA Mania Information

ABBAMania is a tribute album presented to ABBA, a Swedish disco-pop band. This tribute was released on November 8, 1999, following pop, disco, house, and synthpop music genres. ABBAMania followed the footprints of "ABBA Mania,'' an ITV program. It features Irish and British artists covering all the ABBA songs except one, "I Know Him So Well," as it originated from Chess the musical.

The first show was played in 2000 by ABBAMania. It was performed at the Strand Theatre, London's West End, for straight 18 weeks. Its German debut was made in 2002 at the Deutsches Theatre Munich, including 21 performances with every single seat being sold. The show entertains every single age group.

The later performances by ABBAMania took place in 2003 and onwards on various famous locations such as Schiller theatre in Berlin, Cologne Arena, and a few more. The show toured heavily across Europe in the same year and earned the award as the best 2002 musical. The tour included 24 consecutive shows in Berlin.

At the 2003 event, AbbaMania was accompanied by original members of the ABBA Band as their fellow performers along with Mamma Mia stars and the iconic Bjorn Ulvaeus. The show has also toured internationally more than any other tribute show across Tahiti, North America, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, Mexico, Sweden, Venezuela, and a few more making it the world's most successful ABBA show in touring.

Some of the hit tracks included in the debut show are Money, Money, Money (Madness), Lay All Your Love on Me (Steps), I Have a Dream (Westlife), Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight), Voulez Vous (Cultural Club), Dancing Queen (S Club 7), Thank ABBA for the Music, Does Your Mother Know, I Know Him So Well (Steps), and a few more.

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