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Intocable Information

Intocable (Untouchable) is an American Norteño and Tejano band. The group is from Zapata, Texas, and was started by two friends named Ricardo Javier Muñoz and René Orlando Martínez. Intocable was formed in the year 1990s. The current group members are Ricardo (Ricky) Muñoz, René Martínez, Sergio Serna, Johnny Lee Rosas, Alejandro (Alex) Gulmar, Felix Salinas, and José Juan Hernández.

Intocable is famous for its Tejano along with Tejano/Norteño fusion. The group’s music style is also a blend of romantic, hooky melodies, vocal harmony, and tight instrumentation. The band was the first one in its unique genre that played at Dallas Cowboys Stadium for 2011 Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins game. Intocable also performed at The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles.

Intocable owns a lengthy list of hit songs that reached the top ten on Billboard singles charts. Some of the most successful ones are; No Te Vayas, ¿Dónde Estás?, Eres Mi Droga, Enséñame A Olvidarte, Estás Que Te Pelas, Sueña, Más Débil Que Tú, El Poder De Tus Manos, Eso Duele, Soy Un Novato, Todo Para Qué?, Por Ella, Alguien Te Va A Hacer Llorar, No Puedo Volver, Prometí, Amarte, Sueña, and the list goes on.

A few of the top discographies Otro Mundo (Another World) (1995), Intocable (Untouchable) (1998), Es Para Tí (This Is For You) (2000), La Historia (2003), 2C (12) (2008), INTOCABLE 2011 (2011), Highway (Highway) (2016), percepción (perception) (2019), Intimamente (Intimately/Live album) (2004), Contigo (With You) (1999), and many more.

Some of the best accomplishments achieved by Intocable are four consecutive sold-out nights at Mexico City's prestigious Auditorio Nacional, appearance at Reliant Stadium (Houston), first Grammy win (February 2005), second at the 53rd annual Grammys, and a few more.

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