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Zhu Information

Steven Zhu (born April 22, 1989) is a famous Chinese American singer and musician. He has been active since 2014 when he signed a contract with Mind of a Genius Records. Zhu plays in house and electronic music genres. He plays piano, vocals, horns, and synthesizers. Zhu remained hidden and anonymous until mid-2014, with only his music being his identity.

Steven Zhu began his official career with his first track entitled, "Moves Like Ms. Jackson,” which was released in February 2014 anonymously. It was a mashup of many songs by Outkast and received positive vibes by reviewers and bloggers. The track was followed by several other songs uploaded on Soundcloud along with an EP called “The Nightday” (April 2014). This EP gained no.1 position for the play of the week on Triple J.
Some of the other hit discographies by Zhu are the two studio albums; Generationwhy (July 29, 2016) and Ringos Desert (September 7, 2018), EPs; Genesis Series (November 6, 2015), Stardustexhalemarrakechdreams (August 18, 2017), Ringos Desert Pt. 1 (April 26, 2018), and singles including “Faded” (platinum certified), "Hometown Girl" 2016, "Nightcrawler", "Intoxicate", "Dreams" 2017, "My Life", "Coming Home 2018, "Man's First Inhibition", "Zoning", and "Came for the Low" 2019.

Zhu was also featured on various occasions such as Ultra Music Festival 2017 in Miami, Pete Tong's "After Hours" show, and a few more. He created outstanding remixes of "Bad and Boujee" by Migos, "Andromeda" by Gorillaz, "Feel It Still" by Portugal. The Man, and a few more. His single "Dreams" was featured by Apple in an iPhone XS and XS Max ad.

Some of the notable tours performed by Steven Zhu include Neon City Tour. He has been honored by a writer for the New York Observer by his statement about Zhu being the future Daft Punk.

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