5 Tips for Waiting for the Best Time to Buy Concert Tickets

Are you looking to score the best seats for a concert at the lowest price? With price inflation in play, it can be hard to find a price point that you're comfortable with.

Either you're sitting too high up after purchasing inexpensive tickets or you paid too much for seats closer to the stage. How can you find a balance between the two?

Several experts will tell you that there are ways of getting the tickets that you want at the price that you want. Here are several tips on the best time to buy concert tickets and how waiting can pay off in a big way.

1. Buy Them Right Away

Too many people make the mistake of telling themselves "I'll wait a few weeks before I purchase the tickets". Doing so can put you in a situation where you're forced to pay a higher price.

Maybe you're thinking the price will go down after the tickets have spent a few weeks on the market. Perhaps you just don't want to compete with the crazy fanatics and try to find tickets among the madness.

Don't try to wait it out. It's always a better idea to purchase them right after they're released. Why? Because the tickets are initially released at a price that the venue sets for the seats.

If you wait a few weeks then you're dealing with people that purchase the tickets at the initial price, then charge more to make a profit. Don't fall victim to their online tricks.

Instead, aim to buy concert tickets right away, so that you can avoid paying the extra cost that online scalpers set.

2. Follow Your Favorite Singers/Bands

Imagine this scenario, you're scrolling through Instagram one night, only to find that one of your friends is at the concert of your favorite singer/band. The only reason you're sitting at home is that you had no idea they were coming to town!

If you have a significant fear of missing out (FOMO) then that probably sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen. While following tour updates of different bands can be exhausting, there are apps you can download to help.

You can use an app like Songkick to track the tours of your favorite artists and notify you of when your bands are coming to town. However, do not buy tickets through the app, you'll be battling inflated ticket prices.

Don't trust technology enough to toy with your favorite artists? No problem! Just keep a constant watch on your favorite singer's social media and website to stay in the loop on tour dates.

3. Avoid the Awkward Stage

As previously mentioned, there comes a time in the ticket-selling process where you're battling the prices of scalpers, not the venue. 

This time period is what many people refer to as the "awkward stage" of the ticket selling process. It's when people want to purchase the tickets just to get peace of mind, but don't want to pay the insane ticket prices.

You'll have a constant tug of war in your head between the fear of paying too much and the fear of all the tickets being gone tomorrow. 

In order to avoid falling for the pressure of the awkward stage, be sure to set a budget for yourself. Count how many people you're buying for, then set a price point that you're comfortable paying for each ticket.

Remember to factor in the level of the concert you're purchasing for. For example, you should expect to pay a lot more for tickets to a reunion tour in the local arena than tickets to a lesser-known band at a smaller venue. 

4. Remain Calm

Buying concert tickets is a more stressful situation than people realize. Any time you're dealing with money, you want to exercise caution. 

Of course... you also don't want to miss out on the concert that you've been waiting several years for. It's easy to get flustered when balancing the two.

Try to remain as calm as possible, using your budget as your guide. Keep logging on at different points of the day to look at ticket prices. If the seats end up falling under your budget and they're in your preferred location, then jump on them!

If not, then continue to wait for the right tickets to come around. Simply wait for the right time to pounce.

5. Buy At the Very Last Minute

Last-minute deals on tickets are no joke. You can end up getting the seats you want for as low as half the price that you would've paid during the awkward stage.

Why? Because those tickets have to be moved. There's no more time to sell them and get paid for them... they need to be purchased.

That's your chance to capitalize! While it can be stressful to wait until the last second to purchase, it will be worth every penny. Depending on availability, you might find seats in your price range that are much closer to the stage, thanks to last-minute deals!

Find the Best Time to Buy Concert Tickets for You

Now that you've seen several different things to consider on finding the best time to buy concert tickets, it's time to find the tickets that you're dying to get your hands on!

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