6 Upcoming Shows and Events You Don't Want to Miss

The practice of theater is known to be at least 2,400 years old. The earliest recorded plays came from Ancient Greece and looked almost nothing like today's productions.

Naturally, Ancient Greece didn't have the special effects we have now, but they also didn't have many actors. Most plays were performed by three actors, with a chorus occasionally narrating events.

The characters also wore elaborate masks, which made it easier to tell which character an actor was playing. It's also worth noting that every character was played by a man because women were forbidden from being actresses.

These days, plays and other live shows are more grounded in realism, which has led to some amazing results. 

While COVID-19 has likely slowed down many live events, there are still ways to enjoy them. Many have resorted to streaming their shows online because they don't want to risk people getting sick in the close quarters of an arena.

This is good news because there are a lot of great events you won't want to miss. Here are some of the best.

1. Hamilton

We had to include Hamilton on this list. This stunning musical story of a lesser-known founding father has been around for five years and is still captivating audiences.

Its clever use of hip-hop and R&B music and a racially-diverse cast helps modernize and re-examine the tale of a fledgling nation and one of the men who helped create it.

Another key factor that helps it stand out is that it doesn't shy away from the tougher aspects of history. It's acknowledged frequently that slavery existed in the colonies and the new United States.

There are also characters who make arguments against slavery, but many of their arguments aren't based on racial equality. Instead, they're based on politics and the unfair advantage slavery gave to the Southern states. For instance, when discussing taxation and war debts, it's mentioned that the South had already paid its debts because it didn't pay its workforce.

2. Hadestown

This musical retelling of two Greek myths fuses classic American music styles and a rustic atmosphere. However, it's more than just a strange experiment in old meets new.

Despite being written several years ago, it expertly weaves modern issues into its narrative. There's an entire song about building a wall in Hades to keep people out. 

To be fair, Hades is broken into quite a bit, and the other gods frequently release souls from the underworld just because one of their children asks them to. One Greek hero asks to borrow his dog, and another tries to kidnap his wife who's only around for half of every year anyways. Also, a doctor named Asclepius almost costs him his job.

The issue of modern politics aside, you can't really blame Hades for having trust issues.

3. Metallica (Drive-in Series)

In response to COVID-19, many bands have decided to put on digital concerts, which will be shown on the screens of drive-in theaters. Among the many bands to do this is Metallica.

Metallica is the father of thrash metal, and one of the most iconic bands to ever exist. They also hold the distinction of being the only band to perform on all seven continents.

If you're a fan of classic metal, this is definitely the show to see. There's also something extra if you're one of the younger fans of hard rock and metal. 

Opening for Metallica is the Canadian hard rock band Three Days Grace,. You may know them for songs such as "I Hate Everything About You," "Riot," and "Never Too Late."

If you want to head-bang without getting a head cold, or worse, you might want to look into this.

You should act fast, though, because the show is on August 29th, and tickets are selling quickly.

4. Bert Kreischer

Though the show technically doesn't take place until early next year, this is definitely a comedian worth seeing. You may already know him from his 'the machine' bit, a story about him accidentally joining the Russian mob during a college trip.

He also has bits about an encounter with a grizzly bear that went hilariously wrong and strange encounters with fans...of his friends.

If you're getting impatient for the show, he also has a podcast and three specials on Netflix. You can thank us later.

5. Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil is something everybody should experience at least once in their life. Though Cirque du Soleil is technically a group that puts on many different shows, often with different themes and acts built around them, it's always a great experience.

Some of Cirque du Soleil's recent productions include shows inspired by the Beatles, O, Mystere, and a spiritual show known as KA. The name is likely taken from the Ancient Egyptian name for the soul: the ka.

Regardless of which show you see, prepare from incredible acrobatics, music, comedy, and many other spectacular acts. If you're in Vegas, make it a point to see Cirque du Soleil.

6. Absinthe

If you're ever in Vegas, Absinthe is another must-see. This show has been hailed as the greatest show in Sin City's history.

It takes its inspiration from the world of cabaret, where vaudeville, burlesque shows, and circus acts stunned an audience who had just witnessed the end of the Victorian era.

While it's not a family show by a long shot, it's definitely something worth seeing.

The Best Events to See This Year

There are a lot of great events to see in 2020, whether you can get out of your house or not. Some are exclusive shows that don't last long, while others are entertainment mainstays that need to be experienced.

We've talked about a few of our favorite events in this article, but there are many others out there. We encourage you to look around even more and see what you can find.

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