Magical Figure Skating Performances: How About Disney on Ice?

Allow me to paint a mental picture for you.

Take a moment to recall your favorite Disney movie. It could be Aladdin, Toy Story, maybe Frozen. Do you have one in mind? Okay, think about that sense of amazement and magic you feel when watching it. Hold that thought.

Alright, now imagine the Olympic figure skating performances. The way the skaters carve the ice is poetry in motion. 

Now combine the two. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, it does exist. This is exactly what the Mouse House has created with its dazzling performance Disney on Ice. The show is very unique and there are no imitators.

The music, the characters, the colors, and the magic are all on show in this once in a lifetime event. Read on to learn about one of the most popular figure skating performances of all time and how you can get tickets.

Disney's Figure Skating Performances

Disney's first ice show was in the 1980s. Since then, it has evolved into dozens of different performances in many countries. The shows are a personification of all the majesty in  Disney's filmography.

Much like the films, the Disney on Ice shows are designed for families with a specific interest for kids.

To give you an idea of what a show will look like, think of a Broadway production. Decorated with elaborate set pieces, the arenas immerse the audience into the story.

The cast, wearing iconic character costumes, will dance and skate on the ice to familiar music from the Disney canon.  Flags, banners, and props erupt in a kaleidoscopic array of colors. As a whole, it is an unforgettable experience for the entire family. After all, who doesn't want to see their favorite Disney princess on ice? 

Almost every year Disney designs a new spectacle for the ice. Picking the right show will depend on the characters and stories from the Disney universe your family likes.

Be aware of the different shows that are going on in your area. Typically, the Disney on Ice shows run about two hours with an intermission. Currently, there are two events running.

Worlds of Enchantment

The Worlds of Enchantment show debuted in 2008. This spectacle offers a cavalcade of Disney characters. Led by the Lightning McQueen and his friends from Cars, the show is a high-speed adventure on ice.

Full-sized racecars zip across the ice performing stunts and tricks. However, it is not contained to one film. The show also takes a dip under the sea to check in on the Little Mermaid.

Not to spoil the story, but the cast wouldn't let you go without giving an appearance from your favorite Frozen, and Toy Story characters.

This show is a fantastic way to spend an evening. The reviews of World of Enchantment are nothing short of amazing. 

Road Trip Adventures

This is the latest adventure from Disney on Ice. Released in 2019, this show is a blend of the classic and new age characters. Its led by the original duo of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The pair lead you through an adventure that spans from Aladdin's palace to the home islands of Moana. Many notable Disney Princesses will cameo as well.  

Interestingly, this particular experience offers an interactive element for the audience. Carnival games and activities are set up for the audience to participate in alongside the cast. 

Finally, what Disney escapade would be complete without a dance party. 

No matter which event you and your family decide on, you are bound to have a blast. As far as ice skating shows go, Disney on Ice is a terrific experience 

It is Time to Buy Tickets

If you think you and your family will like these shows, do not wait too long to buy tickets. Disney on Ice is a wildly popular performance and tickets can be hard to come by.

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With Disney of Ice, for example, the seating is important. The closer your family is to the experience, the better time you will have. With Tickets On Sale, you can see the venue of your event and select seats accordingly. This eliminates any confusion about your vantage before you even arrive.  

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Experience the Magic Today

So, now that you know about the spectacular shows that Disney has brought to ice arenas, doesn't it sound like something your family would enjoy? 

If so, do not wait around to buy tickets. These figure skating performances have astonished audiences all around the world since their inception. The reviews suggest that the latest iterations are just as amazing. 

Find out which of the two shows is playing in your city and take the family out to a night they will always remember. 

If you have any questions about Disney on Ice tickets or any other events, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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