Things to Do in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is packed with intriguing spots and sources of entertainment. Whether you are interested in art or nature or want pure entertainment, there isn’t a better destination than Salt Lake City.

Here you’ll know about the top things to do and kick back in Salt Lake City.

Let’s begin!

1. Take an insider look at the state of Utah at the Natural History Museum

The history of any city is undoubtedly the best thing to peek at the city’s ins and outs.

So, if you want to look inside the whole state of Utah, visiting the Natural History Museum will give you the ultimate experience.

The museum offers ten permanent exhibits. Also, it covers the rich past up to 500 million years. (Yes, old as that!) Plus, it features exhibits that entertain your senses of touch, smell, and sight.

Isn’t that wonderful?

2. Enjoy beautiful melodies at Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Every Sunday, sharp at 9:30, the choirs’ performance is broadcasted LIVE.

However, if you visit Salt Lake City in January, May, September, or November, you can watch the talented spiritual choir performing in front of you. Yes, you guessed that right; they allow visitors – in fact, everyone, to attend the rehearsal for free.

Remember, public attendance is only allowed for one hour. That, too, on Thursday nights.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Thursday on your trip, and let the sweet melodies and symphonies create a serene environment for you to relax.

3. Have a scenic drive along the Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake has always attracted nature lovers for its scenic beauty. It’s one of the best places for sightseeing in the city.

And, do you know?

The 17,000 miles long and the biggest natural lake in Utah, the Great Salt Lake, is why this beautiful city is called Salt Lake City. Visiting Salt Lake City but not allocating some good time for boating, fishing, swimming, or having a nice picnic at the Great Salt Lake would feel incomplete.

Full of exquisite charm, the Great Salt Lake has a lot to offer.

4. Grab your favorite book to read at Salt Lake City Public Library

Love reading? Go straight to the Salt Lake Public Library.

Five hundred thousand books are waiting there for you to feel their crispy papers and immerse in the knowledge they are holding inside. The library is more than just a reading place. It flaunts some of the greatest architectural works in its design.

When you are done reading and appreciating the architecture of the building, the library has one more thing on its rooftop. The fantastic view of the Wasatch Mountains!

5. Steal some fun from the Thanksgiving Point

Thanksgiving Point is the spot to go if you are looking for a little fun in Salt Lake City.

The wonderful location spreads at 55 acres and hides some entertainment treasures. For instance, the Butterfly Biosphere, a petting farm, a movie theater, a golf course, and a high-tech museum called the Museum of Ancient Life.

Your kiddos are going to have endless fun there.

Summing Up

Whether you plan a tour there for a week, a few days, or just a weekend, you will surely have some great memories here.

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