Top 3 Venues of Chandler, AZ

The city of Chandler has a rich history behind its inception. It is situated in Arizona and for eleven consecutive times has been named the “Playful City USA” by the nonprofit agency KaBoom!

The city gets its name from the first veterinarian in Arizona named Dr. Alexander John Chandler. Dr. Chandler was a visionary and acquired roughly 18,000 acres and began planning for a townsite now known as Chandler.

Chandler can be a great vacation spot if you like avoiding bustling areas. There are many resorts, hotels, and recreational sites that are fun to visit. Intel has played a major role in the economical advancement of Chandler, along with various big tech giants, all of them having their manufacturing plants installed here.

There are several historical places worth visiting here if you’ve got a taste for it. Some of the worth visiting venues are as follows:

1. Chandler Arts Center

Art is timeless; it transcends boundaries and cultures. If you’re into art and enjoy some real performances by real artists, then you’re in the right spot. Chandler Arts Center presents you with exceptional live performances from your favorite artists.

This venue also serves as the home theatre for the local Chandler High School, where students perform various feats.

If you’re into paintings or photographs, then there’s an art gallery right inside the Chandler Arts Center, housing artwork of over 350 artists.

2. Gila River Center

Yes, concerts from local artists are full and soothing, but what about the A-list artists—the ones who are guaranteed to do a full sold-out show. Well, if you’re looking for concerts from the leading artists that chart the billboard ever so often, then Gila River Center is the place where you should be headed.

This center was opened back in 2003 and has been a major venue for concerts from top performers from the country. It is currently the home of the National Hockey League franchise Arizona Coyotes as well, so drop by if you’re looking to enjoy a thrilling game of ice hockey while in town.

3. Dorothy Chandler

This center encapsulates the enchanting vision of Dorothy Buffum Chandler regarding the performing arts. Even to this date, the building looks fabulous, thanks to the regular maintenance by The Music Center staff.

You can always check here to see what the upcoming events will be. Dorothy Chandler Pavilion can be a perfect spot for a date, setting the mood for a perfect evening.


Chandler is a culturally rich city, which isn’t well known for its tourism, but that has been changing recently as more and more people discover its charm. Along with the art venues, many recreational parks are worth checking out as well.