Top 3 Venues of Norfolk, VA

The term ‘Wanderlust’ is defined as a strong longing for or impulse to travel, and Virginia fits the textbook example of phenomenal tourism.

The city of Norfolk, Virginia, is the hub of the country's massive naval base, a consequential downtown district, an extended complex of waterfront stores and diners, an assemblage of boats, and top-of-the-line museums. Perfect for those looking for a place to go on a vacation, and with all these exciting places that the city comprises, it’s become a magnet for adventure seekers, art lovers, wanderers, and foodies!

Norfolk also offers a ticket to some of the best venues where arts, music, sports, culture, and entertainment come together to offer a semblance of enrichment and pleasure.

If you’re in the mood to witness an immaculate show or sporting event or want to have a night out on the town, here’s a list that we have selected of the top 3 venues of Norfolk you should consider.

1. Norfolk Scope Arena

Situated at the northern perimeter of downtown, Norfolk Scope Arena is an important venue for the famous representatives of Norfolk’s prestige. The main arena is undoubtedly noted for facilitating impressive events, basketball competitions, exhibitions, conventions, and wrestling tournaments.

The behemoth of a dome that sits atop, along with the 24 flying buttresses, makes it the mainstream, awe-inspiring landmark of Norfolk! You don’t want to miss your chance paying a visit to this awesome venue. It offers a plethora of events that can cater to the audiences of both small and large groups. Enter for a larger-than-life experience that will blow you away!

2. Chrysler Hall

Chrysler Hall is considered to be the outclass performing arts venue situated in the downtown area of Norfolk, VA. It is the hub of entertainment where artists from various disciplines gather to offer their audience a piece of true, raw talent. Owned by The City of Norfolk, Chrysler Hall is, without exception, the best place for live entertainment in town.

Constructed in 1972, the hall is the direct embodiment of the rich culture of Hampton Roads, where its diversity is spotlighted in the form of various events that take place here.

The venue also houses a grand studio theatre, responsible for providing audiences with an enriched, cinematic experience that would blow your mind. Grab your tickets now and sign yourself up for the greatest, premium encounter you’d ever get to relish.

3. The NorVa

The NorVa is a performing musical theatre established in Norfolk, VA.

Originally inaugurated in 1917, NorVa served as a premier movie theatre until the 1970s. It stands out for its classic, old-style appearance and the ever so charming patrons found there.

Occupying a rather rare spot in the world of musical goodness, The NorVa has been the Godfather of the Soul. This venue is responsible for the accommodation of events wide enough for customization to meet your needs specific to demand.

The NorVa is a playhouse of uniqueness, charm, and grit that will sweep you off your feet and put you in a trance state. It’s also home to prodigal musicians such as Marilyn Manson, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Billy Idol.


Consider booking a flight to Norfolk, Virginia, where entertainment is the name of the game.

It will be simple for your experience to be phenomenal in every way possible.