Top 4 Venues of Boise, Idaho

Boise is the capital of Idaho, and where you will discover unspoiled parklands, intriguing historical centers, and an entire host of exercises that offer diversion for all the family.

Boise is located on the breathtaking Boise River and is likewise home to the Boise River Greenbelt, where you will track down a space of lavish greenery, or assuming you lean more toward a metropolitan area, you can meander around neighborhood markets and varied craftsmanship displays downtown.

If you ever consider going as part of a family or with a group of friends, Boise will not disappoint. Here we will share with you our top 4 picks of the best venues.

1. Albertsons Stadium

Albertsons Stadium is an athletic venue for sports, mainly football. It famously had blue turf instead of the green installed sometime in the early 1980s. Albertsons Stadium is part of Boise State University and houses the field of the Boise Broncos State Team.

For the first 44 seasons that were carried out here, Albertsons was called Broncos Stadium. However, it wasn't until Joe Albertson claimed ownership of the venue that he decided to purchase the naming rights.

The stadium holds about 30,000 people, and the venue is all around maintained to perfection. The stadium also facilitates high school games and marching band rivalries, notwithstanding the BSU football program.

2. Morrison Center

The Morrison Center is Idaho's chief performing arts venue where the state's best artists gather.

The Center encapsulates a whopping 10-story stage house which is a symbol of unmistakable glory of the Capitol's pleasant, untainted horizon. The Center is perceived as a significant objective for expressions and culture, responsible for hosting many live entertainment shows and esteemed lectures on art that serve to advance the existences of benefactors.

It is probably one of the esteemed venues to ever exist for artists and thinkers alike; it serves as a monument for enlightenment, growth, and richness that only the fruit of age can bring about.

3. Centurylink Arena

Listen here, hockey fans! We got something in store for you. It is an amazing venue that rests in the heart of Boise! The home of the Idaho Steelhead Hockey Team also serves as a playground for various events such as concerts, comic conventions, exhibitions, and other sporting events.

Not to mention, all the shopping malls, restaurants, and businesses reside close to the venue, which means you won't have to travel far to explore a lot.

All the guests are met with a spur of elegance that CenturyLink Arena has to provide. With its futuristic model, most sports enthusiasts and guests live up to the highest standards and amenities in the state!

4. ExtraMile Arena

ExtraMile Arena is another venue for sports lovers—a playground for basketball and gymnastics competitions.

Formerly known as The Pavilion and Taco Bell Arena, ExtraMile Arena went through many upgrades to provide its guests with an experience unlike no other.

It's a host site for NCAA basketball tournaments and a great place for some entertainment!


Don't hesitate to stop by these venues with friends or family if you want to have a great time! We are sure that your expectations will be surpassed.