Top 5 Venues in Kansas City

With multiple art centers, casinos, and cuisines, Kansas City is one of a kind. You might find this a bit surprising, but Kansas City was the home of Walt Disney too. Before moving to Hollywood in 1923, the first animation by Walt Disney was made in the Heart of America.

Leading in sports and games, law, and education, Kansas City is worth visiting. You can enjoy the city from its historical views, parks, and boulevards and through its art centers and mesmerizing games.

When talking about the parks and boulevards, this city has the greatest number of them after Paris! Because of this, it is also known as the ‘Paris of Plains.’

We have enlisted a few venues in the city for you to explore.

1. T-Mobile Center

The T-Mobile Center is a mesmerizing multi-purpose arena that continues to host numerous captivating events. Also known as the Sprint Center, it provides an arena seating for around 19,000 people. It has 72 suites and has already offered plenty of the best historical events in town.

Some of the major events in the T-Mobile Center include concerts of world-famous celebrities, including Madonna, Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Drake, and Metallica. Now, we still haven’t mentioned all the celebrities in between; these names are enough to give you an idea.

Concerts are not the only thing you get in this arena, as there is a never-ending list of major-league events and Conference games that this location has hosted. Now, you can also be a part of them by simply visiting Kansas City, Missouri.

2. The Kauffman Stadium

Coming to the sports talks, ‘The K’ is home to Major League Baseball’s best team. It is the home venue to the MLB Royals. The Kauffman Stadium is nothing less than a captivating baseball park.

This stadium came into action in 1973 as the Royals Stadium and has gone through several renovations and updates since then. After its last update, the seating capacity is now 37,903. No doubt, this stadium was built for baseball specifically but has also hosted some super-successful concert events in the past. It has made its name in the world as the best modernist stadium because its design is nothing but impeccable.

3. The Arrowhead Stadium

The Arrowhead Stadium is one of the best football parks you can visit.

With mesmerizing views, frequent renovations, and a huge seating capacity, this stadium is the largest sports facility in Missouri. It hosts not only major football events, but also college football and soccer games.

This stadium has one of the loudest crowds you could ever experience, even making a world record in 2013 for being the loudest stadium. The enthusiasm and spirit of the crowd remain unmatched.

4. Arvest Bank Theater at the Midland

This theater has gone through numerous name changes in the last few decades but has had a great history of art since its opening in 1927. As it opened in 1927, you may get an idea regarding the rich culture of art and theatrical performances in Kansas, Missouri.

The Arvest Bank Theater first opened as the Loew’s Midland as it was designed and built by Marcus Loew. At that time, it was the biggest theater in the city.

It was merely a movie hall until 1981, but now, you can have fun in a lot more ways here as it offers concerts, ballet, stage dramas, and many other events.

Missing out on such a historical building having a splendid history will be a grave mistake. So, get your tickets now and enjoy some great events with your friends and family in this mesmerizing Midland Theater.

5. Music Hall, Kansas City

Home of the Robert-Morton Theater Pipe Organ, this Music Hall is the oldest and perhaps the best of its time.

Kansas City Music Hall has it all. A large, intriguing theater with seating of up to 2,400. The events and environment and the modern interior outlook with a mesmerizing historical essence make this hall superior to others.

It offers plenty of events and shows that include Broadway shows, opera, and symphony orchestras.

Final Words:

Kansas City is a city in Missouri with its own charms and delights. That’s something you have to go and experience for yourself.