Top 5 Venues in Wichita, KS

Welcome to Wichita, the most vibrant and the largest city to display the astounding diversity in the state of Kansas!

Kansas is a state where you could get sunburn and frostbite in the same week.

You may have heard that KS is a dull state. That’s not true! You may not find the culture and creativity of Wichita, KS, anywhere else.

If you are scouting for perfect venues to make memories, Wichita is loaded with them. Here are the top five:

1. Intrust Bank Arena

Intrust Bank Arena is a bustling hub of combat sports, NBA preseason, concerts, bull ridings, conventions, and theatrical events.

The state-of-the-art facility is one of the largest arenas in the state. The lofty arena, located at the heart of downtown, emerged as a replacement to the old Kansas Coliseum. And boom, after three months, it was voted as the Best Arena in the CHL’s annual ‘Best of the Best’ poll.

Intrust is the home to the Wichita Thunder Hockey team and Wichita Force.

The modernized entertainment venue with the industry’s best acoustics boasts 22 suits, 40 loge boxes, 300 premium seats with a total capacity of 15,000 seats with zero parking problems. Premium seating comes with some premium perks – Cox lounge, concession bar, and private bar.

Moreover, you may go for club seats, loge boxes, executive suits, or party-suits to enjoy the great amenities and to feel at home.

All in all, Intrust is a fantastic experience in itself.

2. Orpheum Theatre Wichita

The Orpheum is a beautiful place, glowing with lights and vibrating with music. The historic Orpheum Theater is the prime center of performing arts, concerts, films, and many more entertainment forms.

The facility has some magic that has spellbound everyone for the last 90 years (Yes, old as that!). Who wouldn’t love a historic theatre?

Wichita has preserved its asset well. The amazing architecture of the Orpheum is breathtaking. The classically styled Spanish architecture makes the venue an iconic facility.

Visiting the Orpheum has a sensation of traveling back in time.

Interesting, right?

In 1922, it was constructed with a wide forestage arch adorned well with wood lattice arches across the ceiling to give a courtyard effect. The sound system of the establishment is average according to modern acoustics.

The facility is small and seats only 1,286 individuals.

Orpheum is a gem in Wichita, phenomenal and contagious!

3. Wichita Grand Opera

Want to immerse yourself in art and culture? Catch an opera performance at Wichita Grand Opera. If you have never attended an opera, WGO will be the best place to start.

Wichita Grand Opera is one of only 110 operas in the country and the best in Kansas.

Wichita Grand Opera earned its name as the largest professional opera academy in no time. The facility enriches the community by producing noteworthy works of art, presenting world-class ballet companies, and revitalizing opera in the 21st century.

They not only offer a unique sound but a genuine cultural performance to refine your souls.

Musical and beautiful, Wichita Grand Opera will draw you in.

4. The Cotillion

This incredible place is the home to one of the most lavish and glamorous affairs. The facility hosts concerts, dances, corporate events, trade shows, and private parties. The Cotillion has an exceptional circular domed design.

The solid wooden beams support the 24-foot high ceiling over the spacious 11,000 square foot floating maple dance floor. The stage is lit with delightful neon bandshells.

The establishment can hold up to 2,000 people.

The Cotillion has the most accommodating and polite staff and the most wondrous amenities. The whole facility is smoke-free as they have an open-air garden for smokers.

The arena is stocked with a music variety that continues to upgrade with time. There’s no true Wichita music fan who hasn’t attended an unforgettable event at The Cotillion.

In short, it’s a place NOT to be missed!

5. Charles Koch Arena

The Charles Koch Arena is an extravagant example of what an enormous space can offer. This stunning venue can seat 10,506 people. The home to men and women collegiate basketball, volleyball, and entertainment events, Charles Koch Arena, functions as a multipurpose venue.

Originally built in 1955 at a hefty cost of $1.4 million, the circular building had futuristic looks. The magnificent design, along with the excellent sightline and the proximity of fans to the court, is sure to win the heart of every spectator.

The Roundhouse, as they nicknamed it, underwent two renovation processes. Each revamp blew life into the space with remodeled seating bowls, a new lighting system, mounted shot clocks, and fresh finishing of paint.

If you love a fun sporting atmosphere, don’t hesitate to head to Charles Koch Arena. It’s worth your time!

Last Words:

Saying Wichita an unamusing city is a distortion. Wichita never misses its striking art scenes and enlivening performance arts. Not for a moment!

Explore Wichita like a native; the city has so many ‘Can’t-miss attractions,’ enough to leave your mouth wide open out of surprise.

Plan your trip quick – the city of family-fun and entertainment is waiting for you.

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