Top Venue of St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg, the heart of Florida! You will find this 60 square miles downtown as the land to many amusing sightseer spots. This beautiful city is the lord of two different yet evenly important territorial wings. The west wing is of the Gulf of Mexico, and the east withholds the mesmerizing aquatic beauty; Tampa Bay.

Apart from its heavenly beauty, St. Petersburg is a favorite to many summer enthusiasts. Yes, you will find St. Petersburg usually bathed with the sun.

However, the winter breeze does visit St. Petersburg, but for a pretty short period from early December to early March.

1. Firestone Grand Prix

Amid the crowd of countless fine art and cultural tourism, come to the venue that makes your body sweat and heart race. One and only Firestone Grand Prix!

Firestone Grand Prix is the sporty heart of Florida. How could you dare to miss the venue that pumps so much economical and enthusiastic blood into the state? Especially if you are a person who loves car races, then visiting the Firestone Grand Prix is for you.

It is the ideal venue to enjoy all companionships. Either making memories as a couple or with a good big family or friends, Firestone Grand Prix is the best option to opt for.

The race track is a loop of 1.8 miles with 14 turns. The track belt embraces the star venues like Pioneer Park, Al Lang Stadium, and Dali Museum.

Before snagging tickets, bear in mind the schedule of the three days event.

Is it impossible for you to spectate all three consecutive days? No worries! You can grab a one-day ticket for yourself.

Each day comes with a different price.


The Great Grand Firestone Prix is ideal to satisfy your adventurous sports void.

Make your St. Petersburg trip unforgettable by adding the Firestone Grand Prix to the top of the go-to list. Enjoy your race with the company of sea winds.