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Enrique Iglesias Information

Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler (May 8, 1975) is a Spanish-Filipino singer, actor, composer, songwriter, model, and record producer. He is regarded as the King of Latin Pop. Iglesias is originally from Madrid, Spain and attended Gulliver Preparatory School, and graduated from the University of Miami. His music is defined as Latin pop, pop, dance-pop, Latin house, progressive, and electro house. Iglesias is the youngest child of the Spanish singer Julio Iglesias and magazine journalist Isabel Preysler.

Iglesias hid his musical career at the beginning from his family while he promoted his demo cassette tape, which consisted of a Spanish song and two English songs, under the stage name 'Enrique Martínez.' He later dropped out of college and went to Toronto to record his first studio album. “Enrique Iglesias” was his first album released on July 12, 1995, selling over a million copies within a few months of its release. Five singles that were released under this album are "Trapecista," "Por Amarte," "No Llores Por Mí," and "Por Amarte." Many topped the Billboard's Latin charts. He even earned a Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop Performance for this album.

The follow-up releases were Vivir (1997), Cosas del Amor (1998), Enrique (1999), Escape (2001), Quizás (2002), 7 (2003), Insomniac (2007), Euphoria (2010), and Sex and Love (2014). A few of his film and TV roles are Desperado as Hitmen, Once Upon a Time in Mexico as Lorenzo, How I Met Your Mother as Gael, and Two and a Half Men as Fernando.

Enrique Iglesias has done many successful tours in his career including Vivir World Tour (1997), Cosas del Amor World Tour (1998), Cosas del Amor World Tour (1998), Greatest Hits Tour (2009), Euphoria Tour (2010–12), and All the Hits Live (2018–19). Iglesias has won 190 awards with approximately 527 nominations. Some of the big awards he has earned include ACE Awards, VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards, American Music Awards, Latin American Music Awards, ASCAP Awards, and Billboard Music Awards.

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