Five Finger Death Punch Information

Five Finger Death Punch (FFDP or 5FDP) is often shortened to Death Punch or Five Finger. It is a heavy metal band based in Las Vegas, formed in 2005. Its name came from the kung fu cinema. The current band members are Charlie Engen, Chris Kael (bassist), Jason Hook, Ivan Moody (vocalist), and Zoltan Bathory (guitarist). The founder of this band is a former U.P.O. bassist, Zoltan Bathory, along with Jeremy Spencer (drummer).

Five Finger Death Punch released their debut album in 2007 titled “The Way of the Fist.” It sold over 500,000 copies in the U.S. This album was followed by a 2009 album titled “War Is the Answer,” which brought increased popularity and sold over 1,000,000 copies. “American Capitalist” was the third album by the band that received gold status within 12 months. Some other popular records by FFDP are The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 1 and Volume 2, Got Your Six, and Justice for None.

Five Finger Death Punch won the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards for 2009 and two for 2010 Best New Band, Best Breakthrough Band, and Best Shredder awards, respectively. It was also nominated for Best International Band, Metal As Fuck (2012), Best International Band (2013), and Best Live Band (2014) for the same awards. The band won 4 Indie Artist of the Year from 2011-2014 in Radio Contraband Rock Radio Awards. FFDP was also the winner for Best International Album (2014, 2019), Best International Group (2014), and Best International Artist (2016, 2019) for Bandit Rock Awards.

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