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Hootie and The Blowfish Information

Hootie and Blowfish is a rock band formed at the University of South Carolina in 1996. Led by frontman Darius Rucker, this low country band has a way with melodies and soothing sounds. Hootie has been a famous band across the United States and in 2019 the reunited and toured. Their music circulates between soft pop, alternative rock and roofs rock. Their sounds were different from the sounds at that time and introduced a fresh sound in the industry. Their music composition was a mixture of pop and funky chords. Their most famous hits include "let her city," "I go blind" and "only lovely." The songs were a superb example of craftsmanship and the correct use of metaphors. The songs produced ecstatic melodies loved by fans all over the world.

The band took a hiatus in 2008 and had not been back until 2019. During this hiatus, Darius went out on his own to solidify himself as a solo star in the country genre. They recently released a studio album for the first time 15 years. They are scheduled to visit 44 North American cities. To get details on their full tour and book tickets for their upcoming concerts, visit the site ticketsonsale.com. Make sure to keep checking for their venue updates.

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