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Slightly Stoopid Information

Slightly Stoopid is an American band that is based in San Diego, California. They describe their music as a fusion of folk, reggae, folk, punk, metal, funk, and blues. The group was formed in Ocean Beach, California, in 1994 by Kyle McDonald and Miles Dought who were childhood friends, including Adam Bausch (drummer) as well.

Slightly Stoopid released its debut studio album in 1996, which was a self-titled album. A song from the album “Prophet” had a guest appearance by Bradley Nowell. The group self-released one of the projects called “Acoustic Roots: Live & Direct.” They called their label Stoopid Records, and the album was its first project. On November 21, 1998, the band released its second album under the Skunk Records entitled “The Longest Barrel Ride.” Later, on March 18, 2003, the band released its third studio album, Everything You Need. The album was released under Surfdog Records and over 185,000 copies were sold.

Slightly Stoopid collaborated with well-known reggae names of the industry, such as Barrington and Scientist. In 2005, the band released its fourth studio album “Closer to the Sun” which brought the band major success as they sold out around 25,000 copies in its first two weeks and reached top on the Billboard Top 200. Since the group’s inception, it has toured frequently appearing at various arts festivals such as Lollapalooza, Coachella, New Orleans Jazz Fest, Harmony, and Austin City Limits.

Slightly Stoopid has released several studio albums so far after Closer to the Sun, including Chronchitis (2007) and Slightly Not Stoned Enough to Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid (2008). Some notable summer tours for the group are Tailgate Tour (2008), Blazed and Confused Tour (2009), and Summer Sessions Tour (2014).

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