During the ever-changing COVID-19 (Corona Virus) pandemic, our lives have turned upside down. has never seen anything like this in the live event space. As we are all learning to adjust to our new normal, we do value your business as a customer. We also want to make sure that we do the best we possibly can to serve your needs. Your health and safety as a customer are essential to us.

Given the magnitude of COVID-19 (Corona Virus), we have had to make many adjustments to how we operate our business. We are rolling out a new policy that will enable us to stay in business, keep our employees, and give you the customers a chance to see another great event in the future. 120% of your original purchase price will be carried forward and applied to ANY future event over the next 12 months from the issue date. If the future event costs less than your original purchase, we will maintain the balance of your credit to be applied to the next purchase until depleted. has taken this step to ensure we can fulfill our current and future obligations while maintaining a business we have worked very hard to build.

Our customer service representatives have had to adjust to working from home and deal with many frustrated customers. We are making sure these great people are getting the support they need to do their jobs off-site. Yes, wait times have been long, and we are working down our log of events as quickly as possible. This will not always be the case, and our support staff has done a great job overcoming adversity. Please be mindful that we are also going through the same things that most are during this pandemic.

We do feel confident that at some point in the not too distant future, life will return to normal, and fans everywhere will ready to get back out and rekindle the feel of a live event that cannot be replicated by the internet or television. Concerts, Theatre, and Sporting events have been occurring since roughly 700 BC in ancient Greece and have carried throughout many civilizations and challenging times. The love of connecting fans to live events is the main reason we got into this business.