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Larry the Cable Guy Information

Larry, the Cable Guy, is the stage name to Daniel Lawrence Whitney (February 17, 1963). Whitney is an American actor, stand-up comedian, singer, producer, and a well-known personality on the radio. He was more into drama and speech since his early life. His impression in southern accent is credited to his roommates, who were from Georgia and Texas.

Larry, the Cable Guy, initiated his career in the early 1990s from the radio. He appeared regularly on some famous radio shows, including The Bob and Tom show, The Ron and Ron Show, The Chris Baker Show (KDGE), and The Todd and Tyler Show (KEZO). Whitney also appeared in Mark, Lopez, and Kirk morning shows (WIYY) along with a frequent guest on 98.9/KQRC’s The Johnny Dare Morning Show (Kansas City).
Whitney failed to develop his stand-up comedy character under his birth name and decided to introduce a unique stage name, “Larry the Cable Guy.” The cable guy is a personality or style that is meant for his stage performances. This Cable guy character has a Southern accent, an appearance that is a stereotypical redneck, who recounts when it comes to his family stories. "Git-R-Done!" is his catchphrase and the most commonly used during his performance.

The Right to Bear Arms and Lord, I Apologize, are the first two comedy albums by Larry the Cable Guy. Both albums have been gold-certified by the RIAA. Morning Constitutions was his second album released in 2007, accompanying a TV special. He was also roasted on March 15, 2009, in Comedy Central special. He was a former worker on Blue Collar Radio (Sirius XM Radio) as a radio personality.

Some of the famous discographies by Larry the Cable Guy are; Salutations and Flatulations, A Very Larry Christmas, Christmas Time In Larry land, The Best of Larry the Cable Guy, We've Been Thinking, and a few more. He also appeared in some films, including Delta Farce, The Comedy Central Roast of Larry the Cable Guy, Larry the Cable Guy's Hula-Palooza Christmas Luau, and many more.

Larry, the Cable Guy, won the Visual Effects Society Awards (2007) for his mater role in the video game, “Cars.” The award was for the category of outstanding performance by an Animated Character in an animated motion picture.

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