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Ravinia Pavilion is located at Ravinia Park Road, Highland Park, Illinois. It is an open-air pavilion hosting annual residence Orchestra Symphony as well as a wide variety of greatest rock, pop, blues, jazz, and country musicians today. The Pavilion has a seating capacity of 3,250 people at a time. It was first opened to the public in 1904 by electric railway operator A.C Frost and George A. Ball. Currently, it has unknown ownership and operator. The architecturally of the Pavilion was designed by SOM (Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill).

It is popular being part of Ravinia Park where the summer Ravinia Festival happens every year for 3 months. It went through several years of abandonment. The amphitheater was utterly devastated by the forest fire. Therefore, it has been under constant renovations since 1949, which include acoustics, lighting, and rigging upgraded other than infrastructure modifications.

The first-ever music played at the park was “Won’t you please come home” by Bill Bailey. It also hosted educational events most successful being “Steam institute for Young Artist” in 1988. Currently, it is the center of Orchestra concert events and many other musical concerts along with stage performances. Notable events include the Summer Residence of Chicago Symphony Orchestra in 2016. Famous artists who performed here include Tina Turner, Judy Collins, Peggy Lee, and Miler Davis.

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